Build Wealth with Purpose
Investment management for the 21st century.

The Jones Stewardship Group is an investment management company that focuses on sustainable investing. We have a fiduciary responsibility to invest with a responsible global perspective. We invest in companies that are making a positive impact in the world.

Wealth Creation

Our investment philosophy is built on the pillars of trust, stewardship, and value creation. We provide ongoing management to help achieve goals.

Retirement Plans

We provide comprehensive retirement and financial planning advice with a specific focus on long-term wealth management.

Portfolio Review

Our can company can create reports that review an investors entire portfolio and provides a comprehensive list of possible diversifications.

Real Estate Fund
Equity private money management for real estate portfolios that include equity primary and secondary positions.

Currently working with qualified investors who desire to invest in real property. *MUST BE A QUALIFIED INVESTOR

The Great American Buyers List
Qualified Investor Management Network that invest in residential, commercial, and multi-unit real property.

The Jones Stewardship (JSG) makes no guarantees of property that is being invested in and showcased on it's platform. The Jones Stewardship group does attempt to vett all qualified residential redevelopers and rehabbers prior to their placement on their list but cannot guarantee 100% accuracy of all material that is presented.